Students with a title awarded by an italian institution

Are you an italian citizen? Is your bachelor awarded by an italian institution? If the answer to both questions is YES, the italian students’ section is for you! 

If the answer is NO, keep reading!

International Students

Are you a non-eu or eu nationals? Is your bachelor degree awarded by a non-italian institution? If the answer to both questions is YES, you cannot enroll directly buy you must apply before enrolling to this course.

If you are an eu citizen and your bachelor was awarded by an italian institution, check how to enroll here.

Warning for non-eu student: we enroll a fixed number of non-eu students per academic year and we give priority to those who accept our unconditional offer following our instructions. The exact number is shared in your admission letter. Only students that accepted our unconditional offer will be allowed to enroll. Further instructions will be published later on the faculty website.

Here you may find  a list of documents that international students will require to study and live in Italy.