About us

The program provides high-level education to graduate students with a bachelor in computer technology or scientific disciplines. The syllabus focuses on applied mathematics, economics, management, and curriculum-specific subjects.

The Computer Science and Multimedia curriculum includes Multiprocessor Architectures, Computer Networks, Performance Evaluation, Multimedia Systems and Technologies, Computer Vision, and Human Computer Interaction.

The Embedded and Control Systems curriculum includes Automation and Advanced Control Systems, Process Control and Control of Robotic Systems, Embedded, and Real-time systems.

The Data Science curriculum includes machine learning and deep learning techniques, data modeling, and analysis (statistical learning and data analytics), Big Data in the geospatial, biomedical, and financial fields.

Lectures are integrated by lab activities, seminars, and tutorials, delivered by industry leaders and visiting professors from all over the world.

Complete study plans are available on this webpage.

Information about MSc in Computer Engineering

MSc Computer Engineering’s Coordinator: prof. Francesco Leporati