There are 4 main requirements:

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Bachelor degree in Engineering

In order to access the Master’s Program, the applicant is required to hold:

  • Bachelor’s degree (D.M. 509/’99 or D.M. 270/’04), postgraduate Master’s degree (legislation previous to D.M. 509/’99) or a three-year diploma or other officially recognized study titles awarded abroad in Engineering.

◊ Applicants with a degree awarded by an italian university must to fill a self-certification form stating their degree and their curricular requirements. Download the form here.

◊ In case of applicants coming from foreign universities, applicants holding an Italian 5-year degree will have to apply and cannot enroll directly. 

A Teaching Committee will verify that the candidate’s curriculum is compliant with the curricular requirements. A Teaching Committee is purposely designated by the Teaching Council of the Electronic Engineering MSc course. The Committee has the task of checking whether the applicant can enter the Master’s Program based on an evaluation of his/her compliance with the curricular requirements and of the individual background.

More on how to apply here

Learning activities and curricular requirements

For Computer Engineering, basic and characteristic subjects are:

  • Basic subjects: Foundations of Chemistry for Technologies (CHIM/07) – Experimental Physics (FIS/01) – Material Physics (FIS/03)- Computer Science (INF/01) – Data Processing Systems (ING-INF/05) – Algebra (MAT/02)- Physical Mathematics (MAT/03)-Geometry (MAT/05)- Mathematical Analysis (MAT/06)- Numerical Analysis (MAT/07)- Operational Research (MAT/08) – Probability and Mathematical Statistics (MAT/09) – Statistics for Experimental and Technological Research (SECS-S/02) – 36 ECTS
  • Characteristic subjects: INF/01 (Computer Science), ING-IND/13 (Applied mechanics and engines), ING-IND/16 (Manufacturing technologies and systems), ING-IND/17 (Industrial mechanical equipment), ING-IND/31 (Electronics), ING-IND/32  (Converters, engines and electrical activation), ING-IND/34 (Industrial bioengineering), ING-IND/35 (Enterprise engineering), ING-INF/01 (Electronics), ING-INF/02 (Electromagnetic fields), ING-INF/03 (Telecommunication), ING-INF/04 (Automation), ING-INF/05 (Data elaboration systems), ING -INF/06 (Electronic and computer science bioengineering), ING-INF/07 (Electric and electronic measurements) 45 ECTS
International applicants coming from foreign universities, applicants holding an Italian 5-year degree must apply here!
More information about a degree not fully compliant with the curricular requirements here!

In the case of highly qualified and/or strongly motivated candidates, holding a degree not fully compliant with the curricular requirements, the Teaching Committee can resolve to admit her/him after evaluating her/his academic career and motivations, possibly with an interview. In any case, for the candidate to be eligible for admission, her/his qualification needs to satisfy a few criteria, listed below in the ‘Individual qualification’ section.

In case of a positive resolution, the Teaching Committee will write a report emphasizing the curricular deficiencies and the possible constraints (for a total amount not exceeding 12 ECTS) the student will have to stick to in drawing up her/his learning plan. In case the applicant’s curriculum is eventually considered not compatible with the curricular requirements, the Committee will provide a list of exams the candidate needs to pass, by subscribing to each individual course, before being admitted to the Master’s Program.

Students who are not graduated yet can also apply: read the following information!

Students pursuing a 3-year degree and/or students who are not yet graduated) can submit their request, as long as they have a 3-year learning plan already approved. The curriculum evaluation will take into account also the exams included in the last approved learning plan but not yet passed. In case of a subsequent modification of the learning plan, the previous evaluation will be no longer valid and a new one will be needed.

How to apply here!

English knowledge and final ranking/current average: your Individual background

English knowledge

In order to be admitted to one of the Master’s Programs, the candidate has to demonstrate that she/he has certain knowledge and skills, listed in the following.

The applicant will have to demonstrate her/his knowledge of the English language, upon enrolling for the Master’s Program, by means of suitable documentation.

Candidate students of the Master’s Programs who can prove that they have passed an English language test to access a University course or that, during their past academic career, have passed an English language exam equivalent to at least 3 ECTS do not have to submit any language certificate.

Students from foreign universities can demonstrate their knowledge of the English language by presenting suitable documentation certifying they have passed an English language test or have attended and passed an exam in English.

For students who come from countries where English is the official language or have graduated from universities where courses are taught in English, no certificate is required.

In any case, candidates have to present suitable documentation supporting their request for exemption.

Final ranking/current average

Applicants need to have a strong background in the basic subjects and in the characteristic engineering subjects. They can prove this with their final graduation ranking or current average.

For country-specific requirements related to your degree please read our dedicated webpage.

♦  Students who hold a degree awarded by italian institutions) must read the following information

Also students pursuing their 3-year degree but not yet graduated can give the test, as long as they have already acquired at least 150 ECTS. Students who have not yet graduated and want to register sub judice can also be exempted, if, upon enrollment, their average exam score (computed over the already passed exams and weighted based on the relevant ECTS) is at least 24/30.

Students who have already graduated with a final score of at least 92/110 are exempted from the test. (Only students awarded a degree from an Italian institution) For the MSc in Computer Engineering, the program of the admission test and an example of the test can be found here.