In class!

Students can decide to attend classes on university premises or online.  The student’s class schedule is available on the Faculty of Engineering website on the following webpage.

The number of students on-premises for each class has to comply with the number fixed by COVID health directives, this is why is it mandatory for all students to be registered and declare that they wish to attend on-premises.

Additional services
  • Recording using ZOOM
  • Video available to students for off-line broadcast
  • Online storage for course materials and videos on our own KIRO PLATFORM

However we do believe that your international learning experience is not complete just with online learning. Our town offers libraries, museums, scientific community and international environment which is priceless. We do believe that our core values are attending on-premises as long as it is safe.

Read more about our town, our laboratories, our professors and how to get the most of your experience @UNIPV.

Please remember to check this news section for daily and temporary changes.


In order to get your credits you need to pass an examination. It may be an oral test, a written test or both. The professor in charge will decide and declare it in the syllabus. Examinations will be allowed during the official exam session.

Exams will also be held online or on university premises in compliance with our new health regulations. Safety first!

As a student the most important information are the official examination calendar, the grading system and the syllabus. 

The official examination calendar will provide a date when the examination will be held. It is up to the professor in charge of the exam to eventually adapt these dates to individual requests. The following pages will provide more information on:

Here some useful information about how to have an amazing time at the Faculty of Engineering – University of Pavia.

Graduation Day

Once students acquired all the credits listed in their study plan and they finished working on their master thesis, in order to graduate they have to apply to be admitted to the defense session. Usually students ask their supervisors which session they could apply to. On our academic calendar students may find the graduation day set for each academic year.

During their defense session, students will defend their thesis in front of a Committee composed by at least seven members. The list of teachers assigned to each Committee will be published on the Faculty website at least a week before the graduation day. In the same document student will find the schedule for your chosen graduation day.

The application is submitted online and there are very strict deadlines for applying to a defense session: students need to check them before they decide to apply.

For more information about graduation day, defense session and master thesis, please check our Faculty website and this webpage.

Graduation session will be held both online and on university premises in compliance with the current health regulations.