After you confirm your application: useful information

 What is going to happen after you submit your application

International students

Please note that all communication will be managed using the application portal and using the email address you used to register on the application portal.

We will review your application and we may find:

MISSING DOCUMENT: we will notify you that a document is incomplete or it is not the correct one.

Please try to check you documents before you submit them in order to not incur this issue. The committee will not review incomplete or incorrect applications.

We will give you the chance to updated your document through the portal or by email but this will slow down the process.

Otherwise, if your application is complete, the Committee will start reviewing it 

UNCONDITIONAL OFFER: the Committee has evaluated your application and decided to offer you a seat.

You will get an email and two offer letters (one in english and one in italian). Please note that this does not mean that you are in.

You will be asked to confirm your offer and enroll following very strict instructions that will be published on the faculty website/this website.


FAILED: we are honored that you have chosen to apply but your background is not the right fit for this advanced course.

Students with a study title issued by an italian institution

All communication will be managed by the administrative office using the email address you registered on to the portal. 

Your application may be accepted directly if you comply with the course requirements.

In the case of highly qualified and/or strongly motivated candidates, holding a degree not fully compliant with the curricular requirements, the Teaching Committee can resolve to admit her/him after evaluating her/his academic career and motivations, possibly with an interview.

In case of a positive resolution, the Teaching Committee will write a report emphasizing the curricular deficiencies and the possible constraints (for a total amount not exceeding 12 ECTS) the student will have to stick to in drawing up her/his learning plan. In case the applicant’s curriculum is eventually considered not compatible with the curricular requirements, the Committee will provide a list of exams the candidate needs to pass, by subscribing to each individual course, before being admitted to the Master’s Program.